Dr Louise Buckley is a university academic and a former registered veterinary nurse who resigned from the register in May 2023 in protest over the veterinary profession’s handling of overseas rescue dogs imported into the UK and their owners.

She holds a Pg(Dip) and PhD in animal welfare assessment, undergraduate degrees in animal behavioural science and also philosophy (focusing on animal ethics), is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (now Advance HE) and has lectured veterinary and para-veterinary professionals in evidence-based veterinary medicine for 10 years across multiple higher education academic institutions.

Her research and professional interests include the welfare of overseas dogs, clinical animal behaviour, and evidence-based practice and she supervises multiple postgraduate students annually in allied topics. She has held multiple editorial roles for journals focused on evidence-based veterinary practice and is an avid peer reviewer of research papers for numerous journals straddling both human and veterinary healthcare disciplines.

In her spare time, she is undertaking a postgraduate degree in medical statistics. She lives on a smallholding, which she shares with several dogs, including several that originate from other European countries and is now a somewhat bemused and newbie campaigner for the welfare needs of dogs that test sero-positive for Brucella canis, and for their owners being empowered to give informed consent (or refusal) at the testing and treatment decision-making points.

To follow Louise’s story,  head over to  ‘Brucella Canis Former RVN resigned under protest’ on Facebook

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